Spenguin Spelling for Kids

【免費教育App】Spenguin Spelling for Kids-APP點子

Help a hungry penguin reach its destination by spellings words correctly in the least number of tries!

Spenguin is an interactive spelling game for kids that helps teach them 3 and 4 letter words. It not only improves children's spelling abilities but also enhances their vocabulary. It also offers extended knowledge of words, a sense of phonetics, and practice in spelling.

Key Learning Features:

1. Helps kids learn spellings through entering the missing letter of the alphabet

2. Clicking on the image reads out the word for the child helping him or her understand what the word is and how it is pronounced

3. Clicking on letter options for missing letter reads out the letter helping kids with letter recognition

4. Does not let kid move forward unless word is spelled correctly

5. The penguin squeaks when pressed

So, start helping your kid learn spellings of small English words right away by installing Spenguin Spelling For Kids. Please feel free to write us your feedback through your review or email and we will be sure to incorporate your feedback!

【免費教育App】Spenguin Spelling for Kids-APP點子

【免費教育App】Spenguin Spelling for Kids-APP點子

【免費教育App】Spenguin Spelling for Kids-APP點子

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