Spider Flap

【免費角色扮演App】Spider Flap-APP點子

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Welcome to spiderland - the land full of spiders. You are an innocent bird who is trapped in the infinite trap. You have to escape this trap.

This is a one touch minimal game. You have to tap to jump in air. By this way you have to avoid the obstacles.

Let's see how many pipes you can avoid.

【免費角色扮演App】Spider Flap-APP點子

This game is designed to distress you.

★Simple and Addictive Gameplay

★ Awesome graphics and HD visuals for everyone.

★ Easy to Learn Hard to Master

★ One of the best one-tap games.

【免費角色扮演App】Spider Flap-APP點子

★ Play for a Minute or the whole day.

★ Secrets to Uncover.

★ Detailed pixel style art!

★ High quality infinite never ending endless game.

★ Epic and silly one touch / tap simple game.

【免費角色扮演App】Spider Flap-APP點子

★ Play in toilet, subway, bathroom, bus, train, airplane, office, school, classroom, bedroom or anywhere.

★ If you like Floppy games, Mr Flaps, infinite runners, or One Tap games then Spider Flap is perfect for you.

★ Best stress busting and relaxing Minimal Game

★ All smartphones and Tabs Supported

★ Optimized for Tablets and slow phones.

【免費角色扮演App】Spider Flap-APP點子

★ Spider Flap is a Game for Teens, Adults, Children, Floppy Lovers, Grandpa, Grandma, Teachers, Girls, Boys and everyone.

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【免費角色扮演App】Spider Flap-APP點子

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