Split Camera - Pic Stories

【免費攝影App】Split Camera - Pic Stories-APP點子

Split Camera - Pic Stories

Combine and tag your pictures directly from camera or picture library. This and lot more could be done with the split camera application. Effect added photo could not only be combined with each other the combining process could be stopped and resumed afterwards .

Each of us like to see pictures combined in such a way that it displaying any memorable activity or day.Online picture posting could turn out to be real fun as you could ask your friends to send you pics for in-completing combinations . You could even ask your friends to send suitable tag lines for the combination posted by you.

Awesome features : -

** Open pic from gallery or directly from front camera or rear camera

** Flash modes are available

** Option to resume stories

** More than 20 effects included

** Save and share with few touches

** Any of photo could be selected from the library and croped to suit the need.

** The croped pic will b saved instantly.

** Add title, msgs with various fonts and colors.

Share via - Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Picassa, Twitter or any other social networking service.

Combination is

This application can combine 3to5 photo for one combination . Use your imagination and combine photos in extremely interesting manner. The effects in this application will not only let your pictures look good but help you to share these picture on wide range official networking sites .

**--**The application has been tested extensively on following devices :-

*_* Samsung Galaxy Note

*_* Samsung Galaxy S2

*_* Samsung Galaxy S3

*_* Moto Razr XT910

*_* Samsung Galaxy S

*_* Samsung Galaxy Y

*_* HTC Explorer

*_* HTC One V

*_* LG Optimus One

*_* LG Optimus Black

*_* Samsung Galaxy S Advance

*_* Motorola Fire XT

*_* Sony Xperia U

【免費攝影App】Split Camera - Pic Stories-APP點子

【免費攝影App】Split Camera - Pic Stories-APP點子

【免費攝影App】Split Camera - Pic Stories-APP點子

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