Sport Tagger Player Analysis

【免費運動App】Sport Tagger Player Analysis-APP點子

The Sport Tagger app allows team coaches, managers, scouts and club statisticians to record players stats for the various skills that he/she perform during a game.

This simple to use app has three main stages;

Stage 1. Enter your team and player details

Stage 2. Enter the match details and tag the players either at a live game or from recorded media.

Stage 3. View, analyse and share your stats with others.

Sport Tagger gives you more information about a players skill level.

It just doesn't give you complete or incomplete passes stat, shots on target or off target stat etc.

【免費運動App】Sport Tagger Player Analysis-APP點子

With Sport Tagger you award points for each skill with a few taps on the screen. This gives a much more detailed picture of

a players skill level. For example, a player may be good at short/medium passing but may need work on long passing.

The app covers all skills including defending, dribbling, passing, shooting and scoring.

Other App Features include:

- Game overview Snapshot which can be used to highlight good or bad positioning.

- Note pad to type ideas during the match.

【免費運動App】Sport Tagger Player Analysis-APP點子

- Audio recording facility.

So whether you are a team coach, manager, scout, friend or fan, Sport Tagger will give you the information needed to help improve your players skill level.

【免費運動App】Sport Tagger Player Analysis-APP點子

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