SportLog is a training log for endurance athletes.

With SportLog you have a detailed overview of your training performance.

Examining the statistics is fun and motivates to practice more.

A training session consists of the following values and is entered manually:


• Date

• Sport type (cycling, mountain biking, running, swimming, inline skating, cross country skiing, walking, hiking, indoor cycling, weight training, skitouring, snowshoeing, rowing, rowing indoor, others)

• Duration in hours, minutes and seconds


• Distance in km/mi

• Elevation in m/ft

• Average heart rate


• Calories

• Track

• Tour (used to form groups that can be added up)


• Comment

The following reports on the training sessions are possible:

• Sum and average - total, per year/month/week and per sport

• List of training sessions, sorted by date, distance, duration, elevation or speed


• Bar chart with hours/distance per week and month (different colors for every sport)

• Line chart with the cumulated training values (for comparing with past years)

• Search for specific terms (track/tour/comment)


• Add up individual training sessions to a tour (e.g. training camps, overnight trips)

To prevent data loss, there is a Backup function that copies the training sessions to a server in the Internet.

Originally Sportlog was designed for triathlon, but the App is suitable for all endurance athletes.

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