Sports Betting Odds Calculator

【免費運動App】Sports Betting Odds Calculator-APP點子

This fast and easy betting tool can help you win more money!

Odd formats available are:

● Moneyline

● Decimal

【免費運動App】Sports Betting Odds Calculator-APP點子

● Fractional

● Hong Kong

● Indonesian

【免費運動App】Sports Betting Odds Calculator-APP點子

● Malaysian

This app converts from any of the 6 formats to all others, including an "Implied Win %" based on the odds. You can also input a bet and see your potential profit.

The compare feature compares up to 9 different odds to see which have the best potential return. Each of these may be any of the 6 types of odds.

The combine features takes up to 8 odds of any of the formats and combines them, either inclusively (Odds of at least one wager being successful) or conjunctively (Odds of every wager being successful).

This app is useful for betting on any sport, including football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, and horse racing. Often when you look at odds from different bookies or sites, they are in different formats, especially ones based in different countries or continents. This app will help you with the conversion and tell you where you are getting the best value.

Sports Betting Odds Calculator can also help you with other fantasy sports and contests, such as the ESPN Streak for the Cash promotion. Compare the odds of the European soccer/futbol games with American baseball games to see what match-up to pick and build your streak.

This app is also great for members of online sports betting sites such as bet365, 888 Sport, bodog, bwin, Titan Bet, BetOnline, and many more!

Get this app now, you can't afford not to!

【免費運動App】Sports Betting Odds Calculator-APP點子

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