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Sports Spotlight presents this interactive mobile app for you to keep up on all your sports news! Send us a photo from your favorite sporting event, read Sports Spotlight Magazine, and check the latest scores of your favorite teams!

Watch the sports highlights and chat with us on our fan wall!

Sports Spotlight is a leading source for news, information and resources for high school and youth athletics and all active endeavors. Our team provides up-beat, in-depth coverage of everything sports and the scholar athletes creating the action. Our mission is to recognize the accomplishments of young athletes by spotlighting the sportsmanship, competition and passion these athletes display to reach their goals. The benefits of sports for young people, the long hours spent by coaches and the support of parents for their athletes are all worthy and deserving of praise.

- Watch videos of your favorite local teams

- Chat with us on our fan wall

【免費運動App】Sports Spotlight-APP點子

- Send us a picture from your sporting event

- View Sports Spotlight Magazine

【免費運動App】Sports Spotlight-APP點子

- View the latest scores

- Keep up to date with the latest sports news

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