Sitting on the bus, the tube or in your car and looking for some great new Spotify music?

The popular web service Spotiseek finally makes it to iPhone! It's the best way of finding new music for Spotify. Pick an artist or band you like and discover ENDLESS new music sources, available to play in Spotify.

☞ Note! The Spotify app is required. ☜

The best features of Spotiseek:

✓ Discover new music similar to that of your favourite artists or what others like

✓ Play tracks and show artists or albums in the Spotify app

✓ Spotiseek keeps track of what music you like and don't like


✌ #1 Music App in the Swedish App Store!

✌ #3 Top Paid App in the Swedish App Store!



Kind words from happy users:

☺ "Spotiseek is a must-have if you're using Spotify." (Twitter)

☺ "Epic service." (Get Satisfaction)

☺ "You can't live without this app if you like music." (App Store review)

Previous awards:

✌ Recommended by

✌ 3rd place in the biggest Spotify app contest

✌ Named Website of the Day by Pocketlint


You're welcome to follow @Spotiseek on Twitter as well!



Spotiseek is not created by or in any other way affiliated with Spotify. But it would never have been possible to create it without the wicked Spotify API and app. Thanks, guys. ♥


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