Springvale South Cricket Club

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The Springvale South Cricket Club is formed following a public meeting called by the Springvale South Community Association Executive in 1969/70.

In over 40 years the Springvale South Cricket Club has only had nine Presidents, 11 Secretaries and 10 Treasurers. This is mainly due to Peter Mathison holding the role of either Secretary (13 years) or President (20 years) for 33 consecutive years.

During this time the club has come up with some fantastic ideas and innovative plans to ensure the strength of the club continues long in to the future.

One of the main areas the club was looking to improve on was the way in which it was currently communicating with its players, members, supporters and sponsors.

With a forward thinking and a dynamic board the club was actively pursuing different methods which would enable them to improve on their existing communication channels.

After conducting a review of all the options available to them the club is pleased to announce the release of their first ever native mobile phone app for Android.

The app will be branded in the famous red and white of the Springvale South Cricket Club and the content available to users in the app will contain information about the club.

No longer will you have to worry about missing out on news or information about the Springvale South Cricket Club as the app will serve as your number one source of information about the club!

The type of information available to you when you download this app are as follows:

- Latest News

- Results

- Images

- Videos

【免費運動App】Springvale South Cricket Club-APP點子

- Events

- Facebook

- Merchandise

- Committee

【免費運動App】Springvale South Cricket Club-APP點子

- Contacts

- Teams

- Ladders

- Fixtures

【免費運動App】Springvale South Cricket Club-APP點子

- Team news

- Sponsors

- Grounds

- Memberships

【免費運動App】Springvale South Cricket Club-APP點子

- Training and much much more

To make sure you stay in touch with absolutely everything to do with the club, download the app now!

Go Bloods!

【免費運動App】Springvale South Cricket Club-APP點子

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