Spy Unlock

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Fancy yourself as a secret agent?

Ever wanted to pull out a gadget, just like the guys on TV, hold it up to an electronically locked door and have it decrypt and open the door for you?

Spy Unlock is the perfect tool in your armory for opening electronic doors*

* Hold device up to door

* Reset the device to initialize its quantum mapping

* When reset, set the device to work by pressing Unlock

* All combinations will be tested and the actual one presented

【免費娛樂App】Spy Unlock-APP點子

* The door swings open**

Great for feeling just like a spy or for live action role playing any time of day or night.

* Look out for our other Spy gadgets

* Includes hi-tech whizzy espionage low light interface as standard


*Spy Unlock doesn't *really* open doors, it just makes you look a bit like a hi-tech secret agent and feel like a bit of a whiz.

【免費娛樂App】Spy Unlock-APP點子

**You may possibly also have to use a handle

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