Squaredemol is a classic Arcade Shoot'Em Up game!You got a ship, many random obstacles and angry enemies coming your way, and a lot of powerful weapons to blow them away!It is all up to you to save the day and make the best score!Blown enemies release power-ups to:- upgrade ship weapons- increase the ship energy shield- grab powerbombsThe ship energy shield only protects you from some hits, and when it loses it's power (top screen bar), any further crashes will make you loose a life.The Powerbomb is a special weapon that blows everything off the screen (just press the screen on their icon to use them). But those are rare, so use them wisely!You can choose (menu) which way you want to control your ship, either using the accelerometer (tilting the iPhone) or a "mouse" on the lower left corner.It will give you hours of addictive entertainment, a survival challenge to test your processing speed.Features:------------------------------------ - Full 3D Game - Sound FX (weapons, explosions, hits) - Megabomb - Power Ups - 3 Weapons with 3 upgrade levels each - 3 energy upgrade levels - 5 enemies with distinct behaviours - Ship control with the Accelerometer or by tapping the screen (selected in options menu) - Dual Fire mode: autofire while pressing the screen, or fire by clicking the screen (selected in options menu) - 8 difficulty levels increased by time - Turn music on/off - Turn sound FX on/off - Keeps the 5 Best scores - Original Artwork - Original Music Score (From Carlos Buchmann)


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