Stairways triggers your competitive spirit by providing an easy-to-use game ladder.

Choose your favorite ladder activity – sports like tennis, badminton, bowling or games like backgammon, billiards, darts or any other activity of your liking. Join or create a ladder. Challenge and be challenged. Win or lose. Climb up or down the ladder. Challenge and play again.

A game ladder is a form of friendly competition where a person through a series of challenges can move upwards in a ladder of any preferred activity. In addition, an organization can provide a uniquely branded ladder tournament to its customers, employees or members.

Stairways takes the unique idea of a sport ladder and transfers it to the world of apps and smart phones. Stairways brings you a new and better way of enjoying this classic idea.

This is how it works:


A ladder is a ranking list containing all members of the ladder of a specific activity.


An activity can include any given activity as long as it is possible to establish a winner. Typical suitable activities can be tennis, badminton, golf, table tennis, squash, darts or billiards. Why not bridge, poker, scrabble, juggling, guess the intro, a quiz or fastest around the block? In fact, only your imagination limits the amount of activities.


Every player has a unique position in the ladder. A new entrant will normally start at the bottom of the ladder.


A player can challenge a player above him or her on the ladder. Normally you can challenge the players just above you, but this can vary depending on the ladder. If you are challenged you must accept the challenge, or you will be considered loser of the challenge.


The players agree mutually on where, when and how to execute the challenge.


When the challenge is completed, the result of the challenge is immediately reported by the victor.


If the challenger wins the challenge he or she is moved to the position immediately above the challenged player. If the challenger loses there will be no changes in positions.

The Stairways ladder tournament thus in all its simplicity becomes an interactive, self-balancing and continuous contest where the players always will compete against players of equal capacity and strength, regardless which rating they have in the ladder.

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