Standard Russisch

【免費書籍App】Standard Russisch-APP點子

250,000 headwords, phrases and translations. Russian - German. German - Russian. Use offline – even abroad. The ideal dictionary app for work, study, travel and everyday situations. Available with free vocabulary trainer. Millions of users can't be wrong! From the No. 1 dictionary publisher.*

Langenscheidt Standard-Wörterbuch Russisch offers:

- Approximately 250,000 headwords, phrases and translations with recordings by native speakers

【免費書籍App】Standard Russisch-APP點子

- Up-to-date vocabulary taken from general usage and numerous specialist fields

- Practical guidance on grammar and spelling variants

- For work, travel and everyday situations

【免費書籍App】Standard Russisch-APP點子

- Size L: from our comprehensive Standard dictionary series

* According to the market research institute GfK Entertainment GmbH, Langenscheidt is Germany's best-selling dictionary publisher.

Main features of the dictionary app

- Rapid search and display of dictionary entries

【免費書籍App】Standard Russisch-APP點子

- No internet connection necessary. The app functions OFFLINE and in flight mode. Plus no roaming fees abroad.

- Recordings of important entries by native speakers (German and Russian)

- Numerous SEARCH PREFERENCES (full text search, search for similar words etc)

【免費書籍App】Standard Russisch-APP點子

- Verb declension and conjugation tables

- Save your favourites – quicker access to words you look up most often

- Menus, fonts, colours – a whole variety of options for personalizing your app

【免費書籍App】Standard Russisch-APP點子

- Translate words or entire sentences from any application (Internet, email etc). Simply use the "Share" button to send copied text directly to the dictionary. The translation will then be displayed at a single click.

- Dictionary can be installed on an SD card

- Also available to buy: vocabulary card quiz

【免費書籍App】Standard Russisch-APP點子

The Langenscheidt Dictionary Series

- Expert: Size XXL – our largest and most comprehensive series – it doesn't get better than this!

- Professional: Size XL – our extra-large and extra-comprehensive dictionary series.

【免費書籍App】Standard Russisch-APP點子

- Standard: Size L – with comprehensive coverage – our all-rounder!

- Basic: Size M – with clear and simple layout – ideal for travel!

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