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Disappointed about the removing of Flappy Bird from the App Store? Are the other clones just not good enough for you? Are you looking for a more challenging version of Flappy Bird? Then look no further! Star Adventures is a fantastic indie game based on Flappy Bird, but is built from scratch, so it does not feel just like any other clone. This game features original art and music. The pixel art look gives it a retro feel.This is a great FREE game for the kids too! This game should work well on any Android device. As stated before, this game is harder than Flappy Bird, so do not expect to play and for you to get the same score you did on Flappy Bird. This game is for those who want to challenge themselves.

We hope to add in the future:

【免費休閒App】Star Adventures-APP點子

-Play Game Support for Achievements and Scoreboards

-Facebook and Twitter Share Buttons

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