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【免費商業App】Star Center-APP點子

Designed just for Star Center clients, subcontractors and team members, the Star Center app puts vital project information at your fingertips in a sleek, easy-to-use mobile interface.

【免費商業App】Star Center-APP點子

Star Center Clients can:

• View updated schedules, photos, announcements and more

【免費商業App】Star Center-APP點子

• Make and add selection choices

• Approve change orders

【免費商業App】Star Center-APP點子

• View and send messages

• Upload files & photos right from the app

【免費商業App】Star Center-APP點子

• Browse your project portfolio

Star Center Team Members, Subcontractors and Vendors can:

• View project announcements, schedules, plans, photos and more

【免費商業App】Star Center-APP點子

• Access personalized GamePlan(TM)

• View punch list items and client selection choices

【免費商業App】Star Center-APP點子

• See status of change orders

• Upload files and photos

App-exclusive enhanced capabilities

【免費商業App】Star Center-APP點子

• Upload any file from your mobile device for sharing with the project team

• Take photos and instantly upload them to your project albums

【免費商業App】Star Center-APP點子

• Edit photos on the spot with advanced photo editing tools from Aviary incorporated right into the app – no need to download additional software

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