Star Chef Fruit Game

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Star Chef Fruit, a tasty game is great and keep your apetite up. Comes with 3 easy and super fun games, suitable for young and old. Best pictures and videos and it's free.

【免費解謎App】Star Chef Fruit Game-APP點子

1 - Memory Game: Unfold the block to match similar pictures. Challenge your memory and match all in the shortest time possible.

2 - Puzzle Game: 8 most outstanding and wonderful pictures. Drag the pieces into the right place to recreate the image !

3 - Brick Game: Change the block to fit each other !

【免費解謎App】Star Chef Fruit Game-APP點子

It is a 100 levels of block game. Once you complete each level, you will love this game very much. Eat your fruits !

Tips on Scoring:

【免費解謎App】Star Chef Fruit Game-APP點子

The more blocks you clear, the more score you will get.

Other features:

You can pause the game and resume later.

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