StarCode Pro Point of Sale

【免費商業App】StarCode Pro Point of Sale-APP點子

StarCode Pro is Multi Terminal Inventory Management and Point of Sale Application equally suited for small, medium, large scale businesses, offices, schools and retail outlets. Updates the inventory in real time. It requires MySQL (32 bit) server installation on server (Windows, Linux, or Mac machine running MySql server). You would have to provide MySQL connection parameters to the application.

You can download the Windows version from It would be best to configure initially through Windows version and then connect Android tablets.

After connection to the MySQL server, create databases with simple one click. You can connect multiple devices running StarCode Pro to the server. It is super easy to install and use.

Please install StarCode Lite for demonstration as well. StarCode Lite is standalone, and does not require MySql server.

Turn your mobile device into powerful Inventory Management System. StarCode comes with a responsive interface, and can fit to different screen sizes and resolutions automatically.

Sales receipt can be easily customized. It can manage thousands of items, and supports all kinds of numeric barcodes. It can be used in Homes, Offices, Medical Stores, Schools - the list is very long.

It is possible to import and export inventory data from CSV files.

POS module supports both barcodes and POS buttons based transactions. Inventory items can be configured to appear as POS buttons on the screen.

We provide customized versions of this product as well. Please let us know if you would like to have specific modifications according to your business requirements.

Product features

1. Sale, Purchase, and Report Management modules

【免費商業App】StarCode Pro Point of Sale-APP點子

2. Dedicated POS Module, with shortcut buttons and supports barcodes

【免費商業App】StarCode Pro Point of Sale-APP點子

3. Export and Import of Inventory Data

【免費商業App】StarCode Pro Point of Sale-APP點子

4. Manage virtually unlimited inventory items

【免費商業App】StarCode Pro Point of Sale-APP點子

5. Customizable according to local currency and tax rates.

【免費商業App】StarCode Pro Point of Sale-APP點子

6. Requires no additional databases. All is bundles inside installer.

【免費商業App】StarCode Pro Point of Sale-APP點子

7. Support for printing large and small receipts.

【免費商業App】StarCode Pro Point of Sale-APP點子

8. Can run on PC and mobile devices Smart Phones and Tablets seamlessly.

【免費商業App】StarCode Pro Point of Sale-APP點子

9. Demo database included

Currently it available for Android and Windows. Future releases are planned for iOS, Linux and Mac.

【免費商業App】StarCode Pro Point of Sale-APP點子

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