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【免費工具App】StdCalc Calculator-APP點子

StdCalc is a Calculator app developed to provide users with a simple and easy to use interface. If you have ever used a calculator, then using StdCalc's interface is very familiar to you. It is designed to be highly user friendly and to give precise, accurate results and very reliable with little or no bugs.


* General Arithmetic Functions

* Memory calculations

* Percentages

* Square roots

【免費工具App】StdCalc Calculator-APP點子

* Large buttons

* Easy to use UI

* More features will be add very soon and an ad free paid version.

Please note that the internet permissions are needed to allow the ad banner in the app to gain access to the internet.

This app has been thorough tested, however if you do run into any problem feel free to email the developer at:

What to expect in update coming soon:

* Copy to clipboard

【免費工具App】StdCalc Calculator-APP點子

* Scientific functions

* Unit Conversions

* Time and Date Calculations

* And more features to make it even better or the best android calculator.


【免費工具App】StdCalc Calculator-APP點子

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【免費工具App】StdCalc Calculator-APP點子

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