Stick Man Archery

【免費體育競技App】Stick Man Archery-APP點子

Stick Man Archery is a fun archery game! Compete in five separate games to see if you can become a world champion.

The games include:

* Apple Shoot - Shoot the apple from off of some one's head

【免費體育競技App】Stick Man Archery-APP點子

* Balloon Shoot - Shoot as many balloons as you can

【免費體育競技App】Stick Man Archery-APP點子

* Run! - Jump the walls and shoot the targets while running as fast you you can.

【免費體育競技App】Stick Man Archery-APP點子

* Team Archery - Control three archers and hit the moving targets.

【免費體育競技App】Stick Man Archery-APP點子

* Classic Archery - you know!

Each game tests your skill to the max - shooting within out missing gets multipliers, so be careful.

Can you win the Archery Championship gold medal?

【免費體育競技App】Stick Man Archery-APP點子

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