Simple and user-friendly application for many purposes, without advertising and no need for data connection, if you don't use SkyDrive.


This simple panorama application has 2 pages. Each page can be viewed as separate application. First of them is StopWatch which works in milliseconds as usual stopwatch plus can record time if you push the button RECORD and save it to SkyDrive/OneDrive if you push the button SAVE.

Second application is CountDown which can be used as game timer, egg timer, kitchen timer or when you need to count down time. :) When the set time expire, application can vibrate or play cuckoo sound. If you work with another application besides CountDown and you want to hear the cuckoo sound, you need to have this application first in application line.


New Version

- Pause bug fix


Version 1.1


-add SkyDrive/OneDrive support



-add vibrate and mute functionality

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