Stress Relief and Relaxation program:

life is your mirror. it always reflects the inner belief's about life, which are embedded since childhood in your sub-conscious minds. when you are willing to change your experiences, you need to change consciously the beliefs about life, what ever you believe is true for you. a belief is a repeated thought. our minds is so powerful and we are creators of our own thoughts. if we focus on all that is good and positive, through the law of attraction we attract the same from the universe.


by using these tracks frequently you can super charge your positive beliefs and create the changes in all areas of your life, such as, Relationships, Education, careers, Business, prosperity, Health, Peace and Spiritual growth. These tracks helps you to dissolve all the stress in your day to day life and empowers you to realize your inner potential and helps you to lead a stress free and Blissful life.

Students, Employees, Business People, Sports Person, Working Woman, House wives and teenagers, irrelevant of the age groups and professions can benefit through this Stress free and Relaxation App.


1. Affirmations Track : you can listen to this track any time of the day. for better results listen daily, as soon as you get up in the morning and before you go to sleep. these positive affirmations go into deeper levels of the subconscious mind.

2. Relaxation Track: Listen to this track daily only when you go to sleep and whenever you want to relax. This deep subliminal programming brings the changes in the deep cellular level stress.


Note: Use Headphones for better results

Note: The Relaxation track should not be played while driving or travelling in automobiles.


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