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Stringnote is an audio and video recorder app for Android devices. Stringnote allows users to double-click their power button to either: take a picture, or record 15 seconds of audio, or record 15 seconds of video, and instantly save them to Evernote. Stringnote can automatically add time and location to the note for future reference. Newest release includes advanced recording controls. For Stringnote power users, there is now a premium version that allows you to control the length of your audio/video recording as well as adjust other settings (auto-focus & flash).

Stringnote: the perfect way to keep and track your great memories and brilliant ideas

【免費生產應用App】Stringnote MyIdeas in Evernote-APP點子

Picture this: you are at a concert and want to save a snippet of the song you like so you can download it later. One Double-Click is all it takes to record the ambient sound and save it. You also get the to listen to it and evoke the feeling in the future - beats a poster or a t-shirt as a momento! Using String note is beyond simple. In the Stringnote Settings you choose whether to take a picture, record 15 seconds of sound, or record 15 seconds of video. Every "Stringnote" contains your current location and time. Edit the note’s title and text to make it more personal and easier to locate in the future among your other Evernote notes. Go to your Evernote account at any time and edit, file, and organize these notes.

Stringnote: the perfect companion for Evernote

【免費生產應用App】Stringnote MyIdeas in Evernote-APP點子

Think of Stringnote as your instant idea recorder for Evernote - the fastest way to capture a moment or make sure you don't forget a brilliant idea. See something you like but don't have time to turn on your phone and get the camera going? Double-click the power button and the picture or video is on its way to your Evernote notebook. When you’re too busy to write it down, double-click and Stringnote Instant Reminder for Evernote records your voice. It is safely saved to your Evernote notebook(s) for future review or transcription.

【免費生產應用App】Stringnote MyIdeas in Evernote-APP點子

Even if you neither take a picture nor record the sound Stringnote still posts a note to Evernote with the place and the time in it. Stringnote is like tying a string around your finger, but better and faster. It’s perfect for those occasions when one of your hands is busy - like when you are driving, or when you have to manage multiple things - like talking to someone at the same time.


【免費生產應用App】Stringnote MyIdeas in Evernote-APP點子

Just a note, but the screen has to be off first for the double click to work correctly. In other words if the phone is already on there is no need for the double-click - you can just start the app by clicking on the icon.

The fastest way to make a snapshot, record an idea, or create a reminder. Ever. Stringnote Instant Idea Recorder for Evernote by Kanda Software.

【免費生產應用App】Stringnote MyIdeas in Evernote-APP點子

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