Student App - Take notes, etc

【免費教育App】Student App - Take notes, etc-APP點子

RevisionAid is an application to provide you with an additional means to revise through the use of your smartphone. Smartphones are portable and we have them with us all of the time, why not utilise them to revise?

The application has the following features:


【免費教育App】Student App - Take notes, etc-APP點子

Plan your revision time schedule, or anything else using this application. It integrates with Google Calendar so your new events will be synced across all of your Google devices!


【免費教育App】Student App - Take notes, etc-APP點子

Create and manage regular text notes using this application. The notes will be stored on the device and can also be shared across a number of platforms including Dropbox, Google Drive etc.


【免費教育App】Student App - Take notes, etc-APP點子

Create and manage voice notes within this application. Do you attend lectures a lot? Record the lecture and as with text notes, you have the ability to share them across a range of platforms with a few taps. You can also export these files within the /RevisionAid/VoiceNotes folder on any PC.


【免費教育App】Student App - Take notes, etc-APP點子

Why use multiple applications to browse and note take? That can be cumbersome. RevisionAid features a built-in web browser to allow to you easily research and take notes. RevisionAid also caches content automatically for you to view when there is no internet connection available. You can clear the cache at any time.


【免費教育App】Student App - Take notes, etc-APP點子

The web browser allows you to seamlessly download PDF files, ideal if you wish to save PDFs for later reference.


【免費教育App】Student App - Take notes, etc-APP點子

Other features include links to some handy websites, your download list and a link to the RevisionAid forum where you can request help with your studies, or the application.

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