Submarine's Adventure

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It’s time to go for a submarine joyride under the sea in SUBMARINE ADVENTURE ! Take to the depth in this addictive submarine simulator. Collect coins and use them to buy power ups that will help you on your submarine joyride.

Avoid everything in your way, crusaders, corvettes, torpedos, the sea is a very dangerous place.

You are the proud of navy, the best submarine commander that won many battles. All battleships sailors are proud of you, don't disappoint them, show them all your skills.


【免費冒險App】Submarine's Adventure-APP點子

To control your submarine it just takes a touch on the screen. By touching the screen your submarine will swim higher up and by letting go it will sink towards the ocean floor.


【免費冒險App】Submarine's Adventure-APP點子

- Beautiful graphics

【免費冒險App】Submarine's Adventure-APP點子

- Smooth animations

【免費冒險App】Submarine's Adventure-APP點子

- Endless running game with a submarine

【免費冒險App】Submarine's Adventure-APP點子

- Missions

【免費冒險App】Submarine's Adventure-APP點子

- Upgrades

- Power ups

- One touch controls

- Extremely addictive submarine simulator fun

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