Subway Ninja Jump 'n' Run

【免費街機App】Subway Ninja Jump 'n' Run-APP點子

Get ultra modern mega-hit Subway Ninja Run with 100+ Challenging levels for Android now!

All your friends are playing it - can you beat their high scores?!

Explore the mysterious 100+ levels! ! !

Face the unknown dangers and fear! ! !

Subway Ninja Run is a running game where you need to cross different obstacles, overcome dangers while collecting as many shuriken as you can to score the highest..

Game Features:

★★★★★ 100+ Challenging Levels

★★★★★ Lightweight Game

★★★★★ Amazing game control

【免費街機App】Subway Ninja Jump 'n' Run-APP點子

★★★★★ Good Quality Graphics

★★★★★ Different Game Modes

★★★★★ Phone and Tablet support

★★★★★ Music and sound effects

★★★★★ Play for all ages

★★★★★ Game is free, no purchase required.

How to Play:

Tap to jump to cross different obstacles.

So what are you waiting for..just go and download your copy of the super duper addictive hit game - RUN RUN NINJA & score better than your friends !

【免費街機App】Subway Ninja Jump 'n' Run-APP點子

& do leave a feedback that will help us improve...!

【免費街機App】Subway Ninja Jump 'n' Run-APP點子

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