You have seen Sudoku in the newspaper-now bring it to your Windows Phone! Put your brain to the test with SudoGraphy!

SudoGraphy is great way to stay sharp by starting each day performing mental gymnastics.

Sudoku is a logic-based combinatorial number-placement puzzle game. The main purpose of this game is to fill a 9x9 grid with the numbers 1 through 9, such that each number appears exactly once in each row, column, and box (3x3 sub-grid).



•SudoGraphy has two themes (Dark & light)

•SudoGraphy game offers three difficulty levels, from easy to hard


•Resume:Auto Save uncompleted game

•Sudoku has two modes: Pen and Pencil. Pencil mode allows you to mark possibilities in one square

•Counts:it tells you each number occurrences in the board.


•Eraser:it allows you to erase a specific Square.

•Undo:it allows you to go back one move.

•Redo:if you did undo & you change your mind it take the last value back in her old position.


• Check:it allows you to determine which of your answers is correct & which is not.

•Favorite button:it allows you to save this game (if you like it) to play the same game again from beginning to compete yourself at any time. It saves up to 10 games.

•Un-favorite button:it allows you to delete the current game from your favorites. If you don’t need it anymore (you don’t want to play it again or you already competed yourself).


• Solve:it solves the Game for you & finish the Game.

• Give up:if you gave up & cannot solve it to the end it calculates your score & finish the Game.

• Reset:it gives you the ability to reset the whole game (Restart from beginning with no answers)


Exclusive Features :

1- Online Competitions:You can compete with anyone around the world & we support online dashboard.

2- Custom Sudoku:You can enter your own Sudoku and play it .


Incoming Feature:Capturing Sudoku from any newspaper or magazine & play it right now

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