Sugar Counter: Shop without sugar

【免費健康App】Sugar Counter: Shop without sugar-APP點子

Check and record the exact sugar content of 1400+ everyday foods! Like it or lump it, sugar is a health baddy – the brand new Sugar Counter app is your secret weapon to combat it.

*** Limited-time-only launch price***

• 1400+ everyday foods covered – both branded and generic

• Simple traffic light system marks high/low sugar content

• Per portion or per number of g/ml calculations

• Salt, saturates and calorie information included for every product for FREE

【免費健康App】Sugar Counter: Shop without sugar-APP點子

• Record and monitor your sugar intake

• Daily food planners suggest a healthy level of sugar consumption

This is not just another fad diet.

Scientific research confirms that high sugar consumption can lead to serious health problems including diabetes and heart disease.

In the light of this, the US and UK governments launched the Action on Sugar campaign in January 2014, which will reduce the sugar content of foods by up to 30%.

【免費健康App】Sugar Counter: Shop without sugar-APP點子

Everyone's talking about sugar – and how we can eat less of it.

But that can be easier said than done because sugar is present in many surprising places, from supermarket ready meals to soups and sauces.

Now you can check what's really in the food you put in your trolley as you walk around the shop or do your online order for the week.

Author Angela Dowden has worked in the food industry for eight years as a nutritionist.

【免費健康App】Sugar Counter: Shop without sugar-APP點子

She was awarded Nutrition and Health Writer/Broadcaster of the Year in 2012.

Her nutrition philosophy is fad-free and pragmatic; she loves food and doesn't do lectures on lentils (although she thinks they're lovely!).

【免費健康App】Sugar Counter: Shop without sugar-APP點子

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