SunGong allows you to follow the rhythm of the sun. It gives you notice at sunrise and sunset by striking a gong, bowl or bell in a sequence of your choice. It has a 24 hour day-and-night clock, several clock faces and changeable hour hand.

It shows sunrise/sunset times and lunar phase.

Natural cycles.

The time measuring model we use in most of the world today, breaks the natural cycle of the earth's rotation around itself into two halves representing day and night.

2 x 12 hours. Hence, English language lacks a word for this cycle of 24 hours.

Other languages, including the Nordic, still have a word for the full cycle of one day and night.

Day and night, however, are not static. In many parts of the Earth, day and night varies in length as the seasons changes. The Earth is not only rotating around it's own axis, it is also in orbit around the sun and tilted on its axis. This creates the seasons as the Earth travels it's 365 days and nights journey which is a year.


The difference in the day and night relations grows bigger the further north or south you are. The normal 12 hour clock does not reflect this.

SunGong reflect not only the day and night cycle, season chance and moon phases is also shown. It gives you a daily reminder at sunrise/sunset with a sound sequence of your choice. SunGong/SunClockpro is customizable to suit your taste.

Today mankind has - partly from technological development - been alienated and estranged from nature.

In APPnorm we believe technology can also help bring greater awareness and understanding of the cycles of nature.

Enjoy your SunGong.

We will send you updates and improvements on a regular basis.

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Kasper Bolding, programmer.

Søren Møller, architect, graphic designer.

In 2011 – motivated by his own need to follow the rhythm of the Sun - Kasper Bolding programmed an app for himself that played a bell at sunrise and sunset. Later he decided that the rest of the world should also benefit from his app and in 2012 started, with Søren Møller, the software development company APPnorm.


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