Super Ball Pit HD Free

【免費個人化App】Super Ball Pit HD Free-APP點子

This is the free version of the Super Ball Pit HD Live Wallpaper. Consider upgrading to Super Ball Pit HD at

Your own ball pit in the palm of your hand!

Super Ball Pit HD simulates a classic ball pit, with realistic physics.


* - NEW - Choose a custom ball image from your own

pictures. Works best with square images with transparent


* Two built-in ball styles (including the Awesomeface!)

【免費個人化App】Super Ball Pit HD Free-APP點子

* tilt your phone to move the balls (must be

enabled in the settings menu)

* choose a background color or use your regular wallpaper

* balls react to your touch!

* Choose the amount of balls displayed (not included in free version)

【免費個人化App】Super Ball Pit HD Free-APP點子

* Customizable gravity (not included in free version)

* Customizable ball bounciness (not included in free version)

Banner image by Julie Kertesz from Paris neighbourhood, France

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