Super Ballz

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Take control of a Super Ball as you try to rescue your balldog from the evil blocks that stole her. Play through 100 levels in Story Mode as you track down the evil block that is now holding your balldog or see if you have what it takes to get all 750 stars on the 250 levels in Challenge Mode. Just like the Super Balls you played with as a kid, this Super Ball never stops bouncing!

A simple and addicting puzzle game similar to alleyway or any other block breaking game, but you decide where the Super Ball will go. Simply tap the left or right side of the screen, and the Super Ball will move in that direction. And since it is a Super Ball, it will never stop bouncing. Not all blocks are made alike! You must be careful, not all blocks can be destroyed. Some blocks may change the color of your Super Ball, while others can destroy your Super Ball!

【免費解謎App】Super Ballz-APP點子

There are 350 levels of varying difficulties. Whether you're a casual gamer or someone who plays games often, there are plenty of levels to provide a challenge to anyone. Its great for all ages as well. As the game progresses, levels become more and more difficult. By the time you reach level 60, you'll be a Pro!

There are two different game modes to choose from. Follow the Story of your Super Ball through 100 levels as you try to find your balldog. Or, try your luck at the Challenge game mode and see if you can get through all 250 levels. Both game modes include a large variety of unique puzzles. If you get stuck in the Story mode, there are plenty of puzzles to practice on in the Challenge mode.

【免費解謎App】Super Ballz-APP點子

Each puzzle will not only test your hand-eye coordination, but also your intellect. While controlling the ball may seem simple, it is still a puzzle game and requires some thought and maybe even some planning. It may not always be the best idea to break as many blocks as fast as possible. Puzzles can be tricky!


【免費解謎App】Super Ballz-APP點子

- 350 total unique levels

- Challenging puzzles

【免費解謎App】Super Ballz-APP點子

- Wide range of difficulties

- Physics based movements

【免費解謎App】Super Ballz-APP點子

- Great for all ages

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