Super Beagle - CC Premium

【免費休閒App】Super Beagle - CC Premium-APP點子

Mad Cat has stolen all of the bones and spread them throughout Canine City!

Save us, Super Beagle!

Jump from platform to platform, collect bones, and collect the letters needed to spell "beagle" to transform into the heroic and powerful Super Beagle in this simple yet addicting game. Do your best to unlock all 120 possible achievements! This game, like beagles themselves, is suitable for all ages!

You can now sign in with Google+ and share your high scores and achievements with your friends and the public! Are you really a super beagle? Prove it to the world! Signing in is totally optional, and the game can still be fully enjoyed if you don’t have Google+.

This version of the game comes with premium mode enabled! That mean's no advertising, access to all achievements, and three excited game modes!

Super Speed Mode - Double the speed you move!

【免費休閒App】Super Beagle - CC Premium-APP點子

Super Beagle Mode - Start the game as Super Beagle and makes it hard not to stay that way!

Bone Heaven Mode - Bone spawn rate increases!


【免費休閒App】Super Beagle - CC Premium-APP點子

Press and hold the screen to jump.

Remove your finger to quickly fall.

【免費休閒App】Super Beagle - CC Premium-APP點子

Press the back button on your phone during a game to pause.

As Super Beagle:

When free falling, press the screen again to perform a double jump!

【免費休閒App】Super Beagle - CC Premium-APP點子

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