Super Foods Shopping List

【免費購物App】Super Foods Shopping List-APP點子

The best Power and Fitness List app for Android.

Start taking steps to better health and vitality - the first and most important of all these steps is your shopping habit.

Break free of your old way of shopping by controlling the foods you buy with the Super Foods Shopping List.

Features of this app:

- Shop confidently and consciously.

- Descriptions on each of the Super Foods that will keep you fit and help you lose weight.

- Easy point and tap navigation.

【免費購物App】Super Foods Shopping List-APP點子

- Add to the inclusive product database that includes vegetables, fruits, grains & pulses.

- Browse numerous product categories.

- Manager your own exotic or specific items.

- Press and hold to leave comments and notes on specific products.

【免費購物App】Super Foods Shopping List-APP點子

- Edit your list on the fly.

- Simplified easy process; don't get lost in the over the top functionality of other apps.

Live up to that New Year's resolution and get healthy, today!

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