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Super Password Manager is a secure and powerful password management app. You can generate unique passwords or save the existing passwords with it.

The Internet is so dangerous and even the largest brands (such as Yahoo and Adobe) failed to protect their users account passwords. The only way out is to protect our passwords by ourselves. With this app, you can make sure:

【免費生產應用App】Super Password Mgr-APP點子

1. Different passwords for different accounts, and they are totally unrelated. So even if one password is compromised, the others won’t be affected.

2. Every password is randomly generated, and thus cannot be predicted.

【免費生產應用App】Super Password Mgr-APP點子

3. The app file is securely encrypted using AES-256, and can only be opened using this tool with the “Super Password”.

4. The “Super Password” is the only secret you need to memorize. It should be a strong password. The password should be only use for this app and should not be used anywhere else. It is only stored in your brain and not anywhere else.

【免費生產應用App】Super Password Mgr-APP點子


Version is released! It now supports up to 5 passwords in a single account.


【免費生產應用App】Super Password Mgr-APP點子

version 3.0 is released! Because of the developer account issue, it is now released under our new account "WhereBuddies Studio".

1. No more AD! Yes, it is now completely AD free!

2. Perfect backward compatibility. You can restore your previous backup files without problem.

【免費生產應用App】Super Password Mgr-APP點子

3. Improved UI. Now you can choose your own background picture.

4. Backup reminder. It will remind you if your latest change is not backed up to the SkyDrive.

5. Allow changing account name, user name, memo title anytime.


【免費生產應用App】Super Password Mgr-APP點子

Fixed the backup/restore problem on Windows Phone 8.1

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