NOTE: You must have an account before installing SupportPay Mobile. Register for an account, for free, at enables parents who live apart to easily share expenses and manage child support. Support Pay by Ittavi streamlines the complex and time consuming process of sharing, splitting and managing child expenses for parents who no longer live in the same home. A parent can enter an expense and provide a receipt, showing the cost is for the child, thereby increasing the likelihood of reimbursement because the parent sees the expense is for their child. The paying parent can view the expense and immediately make a payment, either manually or online. Now both parents have a transparent and certified history of all child support and expenses shared between each other. Parents can now spend less time arguing and managing child expenses and more time raising happy, healthy children. SupportPay Mobile 2.0 enables a parent to capture a receipt & upload an expense to Supportpay as well as view expenses and make payments. ( NOTE: You must be a registered user of SupportPay in order to access your account on SupportPay Mobile. Register at Access: If you would like to use the application in a live environment before registering visit for more information.Key Features of Release:Version 2.0:- Capture an expense- Capture receipt using smartphone camera- Enter expense details including child, merchant, category and amount- Add additional notes and information to expense- Save expense to SupportPay to be reviewed and submitted- Submit an expense directly from the mobile application- Add merchants, children, categories from the mobile application- Make or track a payment, whether it is done by cash, check, charge or online- Task list- Make payments by tracking cash payments, writing a check and capturing a picture, via credit card or online using PayPal.- Track alimony, spousal support or family support- Track medical, healthcare, child care, day care, visitation expenses or any other costs and expenses associated with raising children- Capture and store all receipts in one central location that can easily be shared with the other parentUpcoming features:- Improved Notifications- Scheduling & calendar- Child custody- Parenting plans- Coparenting features- Visitation- Communication storage- Sharing pictures- Child support modification- and much more....

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