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Surah Rahman is the solution for all problems or diseases including ‘Depression‘, ‘Blood Pressure‘, ‘Sugar‘, ‘Cancer‘, ‘Hepatitis‘. If you have got any problem of life or disease then by using the following spiritual treatment method you will be cured completely and hopefully in 7 days. Remedy is in God’s hand.

Listen Surrah “AL-RAHMAN” 3 times in a day (morning, afternoon, evening) or at least once a day.


Close your eyes

Feel your self in front of GOD

Listen recitation with concentration and attention.

When the recitation is finished, take a half glass of water

Again close your eyes

Say “ALLAH” 3 times in your heart

Drink the water (keep eyes closed) slowly in 3 steps

You have to do it repeatedly for 7 days and see results.

【免費書籍App】Surah Rahman 3D-APP點子

“SHIFA” (remedy) is from the almighty ALLAH (God).


Benefits Of Surah Rahman:

You can use this method for success, wealth, money, job, business, protection, rozi, mohabbat, ishq, mannat, muraad, pareshani, worries, depression, stress, tension, to get rid off any diseases and pains, and bringing luck in your life. Alrehman is healing solution without any taveez or wazeefa wazaief. You can also use this method for black magic remedy, for roohani ilaj, for spiritual healing, for nazar remedy, relationship improvement or love marriage / nikah. This is solution for every kind of problem and disease.

• A stunning, realistic and ancient 3D environment

• Special Visual effects of thunder, rain, fire, lights, caves and much more

• Breath Taking and realistic sound effects of caves, thunder and rain etc

• Interactive mode

• Different styles of recitation. Recite line by line (best especially for learners or beginners) or the complete Surah.

• Repeat Mode

• Switch Audio on or Off

• Walk inside different caves

• Built in controls to change the brightness and glow of the over all 3D environment

【免費書籍App】Surah Rahman 3D-APP點子

• Auto-Scroll, Manual Scroll and auto-highlight of verses

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