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You should paint one or more room in your home. Arrive in front of the paint ray you can not remember of the painting surface. Surface Calculator is for you!

Surface Calculator application allows you to record the surfaces of each room in your house. You can deduct of the total surface of openings such as doors and windows.

【免費工具App】Surface Calculator Free-APP點子

You can then read the action at all times on your smartphone.

【免費工具App】Surface Calculator Free-APP點子

Surface Calculator allows to send your measurements by e-mail in CSV format.

Perfect for real estate agents that can identify, calculate, save and send the surfaces of each room of a house by e-mail immediately.

【免費工具App】Surface Calculator Free-APP點子

You can create multiple houses (limited to 2 in the Surface Calculator free version).

【免費工具App】Surface Calculator Free-APP點子

The building professional can as well save all their sites and use the Export to CSV to make their estimates.

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【免費工具App】Surface Calculator Free-APP點子

【免費工具App】Surface Calculator Free-APP點子

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