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【免費工具App】Survival1 - Save your life-APP點子

Survival 1 is a simple application that can save your life. Some examples where this app may be used are in a vehicle, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, or other activities.

How it works?

Step 1: Define the interval of time that you want to be checked on if you are in an emergency situation.

Step 2: Assign one or more phone numbers that will be sent a text message with your current GPS position if you are in an emergency situation.

Process: If the time (set in step 1) is over and you didn't change your GPS location, (it means you didn't move from your location) then you will be asked by the app if you are ok. If you are not able to confirm within 1 minute (possibly because you are injured and unconscious) a text message will be sent to the phone number(s) assigned in step 2. This text will include your current GPS position and other information regarding your condition. Then, your smartphone will play an alerting sound so that you can be found quicker by those around you. If you confirm that you are OK, the countdown starts back from the beginning. The smart feature on the app: If you stay in motion, the app resets the timer. This will result in no unnecessary notifications recived from the app. The app will assume that you are fine as long as you move.

Example: You have set a time for 10 minutes and you interrupt your movement due to a short break. During this break the countdown will begin. You take, for example, a 7 minute break and then start moving again. The countdown jumps back to 10 minutes. If you haven't moved within 10 minutes, you will recieve a notification. If you cannot confirm this notification, a text message will be sent to the assigned phone number(s).

【免費工具App】Survival1 - Save your life-APP點子

【免費工具App】Survival1 - Save your life-APP點子

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