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Sushi Roll Recipe App - How to Make Sushi Roll Recipe step by step. Anyone can make sushi at home if they knew how to (There are no guarded secrets!). This is a general reading to familiarize yourself about making your own sushi at home. You can then move on to the free sushi classes that we have prepared for you.

This application a list of sushi roll recipes grouped by their styles. The traditonal Edo style rolls consist of one main ingredient and they are usually rolled inside. The fusion roll recipes consist of multiple ingredients and require to roll the sushi with the rice facing outside (uramaki). There are many types of fusion roll recipes, but they are a combination of many existing ingredients, so the general ones are listed here.

These recipes will give you an idea how to make sushi rolls and after getting used to them, you can become creative with the combination of ingredients and create your own sushi roll recipe.

【免費生活App】Sushi Roll Recipe-APP點子

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【免費生活App】Sushi Roll Recipe-APP點子

► Royal Sushi Roll Evolution Recipe

【免費生活App】Sushi Roll Recipe-APP點子

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