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【免費生活App】Sveltoz ICare-APP點子

ICare is developed in June, 2013 which works in Android devices. We have developed this application which will silently follow your loved ones. Our application gives you a feeling of being connected which our aim behind this.

ICare application is one of its kinds, which provides vital /crucial information about your loved ones which includes:

1. Real Time location

2. Calling history of last 5 calls

【免費生活App】Sveltoz ICare-APP點子

3. Auto Call

Note: You can locate your family or Friends only if the app is downloaded in their Android device!

Download now on your loved one's mobile and keep your family and friends safe!

Why do you need ICare Application?

1. Track and monitor loved ones for safety reasons.

2. Have an instant alert after sending SMS.

How to start?

1. Install the application on your loved one's Android device.

【免費生活App】Sveltoz ICare-APP點子

2. Register on his device by providing your Name, Email-ID, Username, Password and Your Mobile No. and submit it by clicking on Register.

3. As soon as you register, it will send an Email on your Registered Email Id with your Username and Password.

4. Login to the application using your Registered Username and Password. Here you can configure Reply mode and Keyword settings. You can also change or reset your personal details.

How to use keywords?

As soon you set your keywords, ICare will be ready to use. Send keyword as a text in SMS from the registered mobile to the Enquired number where ICare is installed and ICare will:

【免費生活App】Sveltoz ICare-APP點子

- Sends SMS to the registered mobile number with required information based on keyword sent.

- Sends Email to the Registered Email-ID.

- You can also use Auto Call feature by which you can at least hear the surrounding voice around the device.

Things you should know before installing on your loved one’s mobile

- You need permission from the person on which you want to install as this is tracking application

【免費生活App】Sveltoz ICare-APP點子

- Please check your country’s legal provisions and restrictions on such tracking activity

- Any illegal use of this application is strictly prohibited

- This is peer to peer communication and no data is saved on our servers, so information gathered is individual responsibility

- The entire communication is based on SMS in and out on sender and receiver side, charges applies per SMS as per network providers.

【免費生活App】Sveltoz ICare-APP點子

- This application uses GPRS to locate exact location so data charges may be applied for such information, as per your network provider.

- This application is created to help people to help their loved ones and you need to have appropriate permissions for this from concerned person

Please report any problem or suggestion to us by sending email on . If the Application does not work as stated above, please let us know as we want to support all possible Android devices.

Visit our official site:

【免費生活App】Sveltoz ICare-APP點子

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