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With SwissClimb you can choose the perfect climbing spot for your level and desires - throughout Switzerland. Use the integrated weather information, and find the exact spot using the integrated SwissTopo maps!

For each of more than 600 climbing spots, you can see:


- how many routes for each climbing grade (single/multipitch)


- location (on map)


- weather


- approach time


- type of rock


- altitude


- kids friendly

- rain free

- where you can get the full topos of the climbing spot

- online topos (if available)

Please note that SwissClimb doesn’t contain information on single routes, therefore you will always need a climbing guidebook (topo) for that, except for the cases where the topos are online.

If you find any error in the data (wrong spot location, wrong spot information), please let us know what should be corrected!! We will correct it!


Swisscom App of the Year 2012: Best Android App

This app is available in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish.

Attention: not yet optimized for tablets.

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