Switch 3D

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How long can you stay on-board the Switchship? Test your reflexes in this intense 3D space experience!

You control the Switchball; a ball that must try and survive incoming space obstacles by sliding, jumping and spinning into opposite lanes. The routes you choose set the difficulty but also set the reward!


Full 3D Graphics

【免費街機App】Switch 3D-APP點子

3 Levels of difficulty to match player skill

【免費街機App】Switch 3D-APP點子

High-score System

【免費街機App】Switch 3D-APP點子

Epic Music!

【免費街機App】Switch 3D-APP點子

Vibration Support

It is suggested you try the Lite version first to see if your phone can run the game.

If you experience any technical problems with the game please email (superpixelcollider@gmail.com) and provide information such as your phone model and how the problem was caused.

【免費街機App】Switch 3D-APP點子

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