Switch Brightness

【免費工具App】Switch Brightness-APP點子


This application changes screen brightness lighten or darken with one-touch buttons.

It can also change automatic brightness at the same time.

The actions of the one-touch buttons can be customized in setting menu.

Big buttons simplify operations in the outdoors.

[Typical Usage]

Touch one button to lighten screen temporarily when in the outdoors or other bright places,

touch one button to darken screen temporarily when in the bedroom or other dark places,

【免費工具App】Switch Brightness-APP點子

and touch another button to return to the original screen brightness setting when temporary situation ends.

[System Rights]

This application uses these system rights for next purposes.

1.system settings rights for operation of brightness level and automatic brightness

2.storage right for saving application data

3.internet access right and network location right for advertizements

Release Informations are posted on my Google Plus account.

【免費工具App】Switch Brightness-APP點子


【免費工具App】Switch Brightness-APP點子

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