SwitchMe Multiple Accounts

【免費工具App】SwitchMe Multiple Accounts-APP點子

Create secure accounts, just as you would on a desktop computer, with each account having its own system settings, apps and data.

This application is designed primarily for AOSP, AOKP, CM and their derivatives. It may or may not work on other operating systems. At the moment It is not working on Samsung 4.4 firmware at all. Read below carefully please.

App REQUIRES ROOT/ SUPERUSER PERMISSIONS, look here for informations: http://fahrbot.co.uk/root

APP PROVIDED WITHOUT EXPLICIT SUPPORT OF ANY KIND - we don't directly respond to emails or bug reports

Some of the benefits of this technology:

• Privacy - Securely share one device among many users, protect your accounts with passwords and log out automatically.

• Kids - Create a profile for the kids, with only the apps and access you feel comfortable with.

• Gaming - Overclock your profile for maximum performance in intensive games

• Speed - Imagine a buttery smooth profile, with no kids games, messengers or bloatware to slow things down.

【免費工具App】SwitchMe Multiple Accounts-APP點子

• Testing - Create a sandbox profile to easily test applications and themes - no more nandroid nightmares!

• Battery - Switch to a profile which only contains the essentials to save power through brute force.

APP REQUIRES ROOT ACCESS, visit our website for more information: http://fahrbot.co.uk/root


Incorrect use of this application can potentially harm your device. Before proceeding with use we strongly recommend that you perform a full backup through the device recovery.

*If you cannot switch profiles or the app is crashing, you have likely broken the apps root access in your current profile. Simply uninstall, reboot and install again. Your data will no be affected by this procedure.

*If you find you cannot switch profiles or are boot looping, this will be easily fixed by flashing your current ROM and/or GAPPS through recovery. On some firmware you may need to reboot twice. There is no need to factory reset or recover through Nandroid - SwitchMe will survive this procedure with all its data and profiles intact.


Without the Key, this application allows a maximum of 2 profiles and no security features.

【免費工具App】SwitchMe Multiple Accounts-APP點子

Only the standard Android implementation of Apps2SD is currently supported. Use all others at your own risk.

Most devices should be compatible as long as they have enough free internal memory to create secondary profiles. The application will warn users if available memory is low.

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