Switzerland Weather

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Switzerland Weather provides weather forecast for all Switzerland cities.

Switzerland Weather comes with an elegant and intuitive user interface that displays current weather data like temperature or current conditions and also forecasts with charts for high and max temperature.

Switzerland Weather’s data are available and updated 24h/24 and 7days/7.

=== FEATURES ===

【免費天氣App】Switzerland Weather-APP點子

More than 100000 locations all around the world in add of Switzerland cities.

Current conditions for locations (Temperature, Conditions Icon and Text, Humidity, Wind).

Sunrise and sunset for each cities in local hours of city.

【免費天氣App】Switzerland Weather-APP點子

Current date of city which data are displayed.

Conditions Icon are adapted with sunrise / sunset informations (so moon is displayed when sunset Is finished).

Forecasts for the next 4 days displayed in charts with high and max temperatures.

【免費天氣App】Switzerland Weather-APP點子

GPS localization of your current city to display current meteo.

Save your favorite cities in a list.

For each cities in map you can display temperature, icon conditions or wind conditions.

【免費天氣App】Switzerland Weather-APP點子

Share city’s weather of your choice by email, SMS or via social network thanks to a generated image representing weather data.

Listen city’s weather in your current language.

Customize user interface.

【免費天氣App】Switzerland Weather-APP點子

Select temperature unit (°Celsius or °Farenheit).

3 widgets (4x1 simple widget with current city and temperature, 4x2 forecasts widget and 4x2 clock widget with current city data).


【免費天氣App】Switzerland Weather-APP點子

Switzerland Weather supports English, French and Germany.

If you want translate Switzerland Weather to another language, don’t hesitate to contact me (sylvain.saurel@gmail.com).


【免費天氣App】Switzerland Weather-APP點子

If you want to see new features in Switzerland Weather or new countries map for example, feel free to contact me also. I will try to add these features to improve Switzerland Weather for all.

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