Symptoms Of Feelings

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• Association and Emotion: when we associate with people and events, we feel emotions.

• Basic Emotions: there are lots of emotions, but what are the basic ones?

• Purpose of Emotion: what is the real value of emotions?

• Emotional Arousal: The process of getting emotional.

• Emotion and Decision: our decisions are largely emotional.

• Emotion and Investment: Getting them involved.

• Emotions and Light: Light changes how we feel.

• Emotion and Rationality: which often seem to be mutually exclusive.

• Emotional Intelligence is to emotions what IQ is to cognitive intelligence.

• Empathy: the ability to feel what others feel.

• Facial Emotional Indicators: Detecting emotions through their expressions.

• Five Dimensions of Emotion: How emotions may be classified.

• Hot and Cold Emotions: High and low arousal.

• Modalities of Emotion: Different dimensions that indicate emotion.

• Positive Emotions: There are several that are not negative.

• Primary and Secondary Emotions: Those that are key drivers and others.

• Temperament, Mood and Emotion: Emotional states of different duration and cause.

• Theories about Emotion: deeper stuff about emotion.

• The Seven Deadly Sins are all emotions, as are The Seven Virtues.

• Warmth and Competence: Emotions triggered by evaluating others.

• The Arousal Rollercoaster: Going hot and cold.


• Emotions of wanting:

o Anticipation

【免費生活App】Symptoms Of Feelings-APP點子

o Greed

o Hope

o Envy

o Desire

o Love

• Emotions of not wanting:

o Fear

o Shame

o Repulsion

o Contentment

o Anxiety

• Emotions of having:

o Happiness

o Pride

o Guilt

o Jealousy

• Emotions of not having:

o Anger

o Sadness

o Distress

• Other mind-changing emotions:

o Contempt

o Surprise

o Arousal

【免費生活App】Symptoms Of Feelings-APP點子

Lets see some Emotion symptoms and how to overcome

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