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【免費個人化App】TDC 2.0 Free-APP點子

TDC Live Wallpaper is back!

TDC is a minimalist live wallpaper* with a two-toned background and configurable text widgets.

Completely rebuilt from the ground up, TDC 2.0 continues where TDC Live Wallpaper left off. TDC 2.0 has 6 different configurable text widgets that scroll across the screen. You can set each widget to display the time, date, day of week, or a custom message. 2.0 comes with new color features, allowing you to set each text widget to a separate color. TDC is back and more efficient than ever, completely redone with stability and speed in mind.

Key features:

【免費個人化App】TDC 2.0 Free-APP點子

- Up to 8 different colors possible (6 widgets and top and bottom background)

【免費個人化App】TDC 2.0 Free-APP點子

- Advanced color picker with hexadecimal option for matching themes

【免費個人化App】TDC 2.0 Free-APP點子

- Every possible time and date format (I think)

【免費個人化App】TDC 2.0 Free-APP點子

- Brand new settings screen with a visual and hands-on UI

【免費個人化App】TDC 2.0 Free-APP點子

- Resizable text

- 3 cool fonts to choose from

- Set profiles for saving configurations

* TDC is a live wallpaper. To set a live wallpaper from your home screen, press 'Menu > Wallpaper > Live wallpapers.' Then find "TDC 2.0" in your list of live wallpapers. Touch "TDC 2.0" and then "Set wallpaper" from the live wallpaper preview screen. You can access the settings for TDC on this screen, as well as from the "TDC Settings" icon in your home app drawer.

This is the free version of TDC 2.0. This version will receive long-time support and minor upgrades. TDC 2.0 Full will have all the advanced features from TDC Live Wallpaper and more to come. Check back soon!

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