TVXQ Live Wallpaper -KPOP 05

【免費個人化App】TVXQ Live Wallpaper -KPOP 05-APP點子

U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin live wallpaper

My favorite celebrities in the nice wallpaper, bling bling ~!!

My favorite 'K-Star NEWS' in the wallpaper will be kept we posted ~ !!

Only one TVXQ 'K-Star Service'in the world,

【免費個人化App】TVXQ Live Wallpaper -KPOP 05-APP點子

In the TVXQ 'K-Star' live wallpaper, the news of TVXQ is updatd at day by day.


All of contents provied by the K-Star are free.

When downloaded the intergrated version of K-Star, you can use the live wallpaper service of all celebrities that you loved.

In the integrated version of K-Star, every day, K-Star of various celebrities is updated.

【免費個人化App】TVXQ Live Wallpaper -KPOP 05-APP點子

If you want to see the celebrities, using K-Star, please send email to administrator.

We will promptly reflect your email on the updated after checked the email.

▶What is the 'K-Star Service'?

1. Celebrities looks in the No.1 Korea TOP K-POP, K-STAR, MOVIE, DRAMA, FASHION, MAGAZINE, are provided by live wall paper lively

2. The latest news of my favorites celebrities are checked conveniently

3. Every day various K-Star live wallpaper update.

【免費個人化App】TVXQ Live Wallpaper -KPOP 05-APP點子

4. My favorite celebrities behind photo is provided.

▶ Whenever my smartphone is opened, you can create your smartphone cool with nice wall paper themes and my K-Star.

From behind photo, 'GIF', of celebrities to various effects of live wallpaper.

For more information and contents request:

K-Star Service is celebrities live wall paper new service with TOPSTARNEWS

【免費個人化App】TVXQ Live Wallpaper -KPOP 05-APP點子

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