Tabla Rupak Taal

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Tabla – RupakTaal application is an fully synthesized audio and video from basic bols(notes) of Tabla, you can listen to the original sound of Tabla in three layas (speeds) i.e Vilambith – 60 BPM, Madhya – 120 BPM , Drut – 240 BPM).

【免費音樂App】Tabla Rupak Taal-APP點子

Rupak Tala (rupak tal) is a popular tala in Hindustani music that is common in Bhajans and Geethms It has seven beats in three vibhags (divisions). Unlike the popular Tintal, the vibhags of Rupak Tala are not of equal length. Also, both the khali and taali of Rupak Tala fall on the first matra.

This application is built to demonstrate the playing structure Rupak Taal composition with audio.

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