Taiwan flag clocks

【免費個人化App】Taiwan flag clocks-APP點子

Thank you for visiting our applications

Every day we will publish few new states until we have completed all of them, if we forget any state please to remind us.

We would publish countries in alphabetic order.

Our goal is that everyone in the world have their favorite country always on his mobile phone as they have in their hearts

In our clock widget is set the flag of Taiwan (Táiwān, 臺灣, 台灣) in a gold clock in two sizes with wallpaper

After installation, go to the menu and find the application icon, run it and first read the tutorial.

This is a Widget, not a regular application

Do not forget to rate this app on market

Thanks and enjoy

PS. The price is symbolic, for beer :-)

【免費個人化App】Taiwan flag clocks-APP點子

【免費個人化App】Taiwan flag clocks-APP點子

【免費個人化App】Taiwan flag clocks-APP點子

【免費個人化App】Taiwan flag clocks-APP點子

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