Talk To You Later

【免費通訊App】Talk To You Later-APP點子

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Small but powerful application with three very important phone call features. It includes replying to a caller with SMS (text message) when you are not able to respond to a call, list of numbers you don’t want ever to call you again (Junk numbers) and autoresponder for times you are on a meeting or you just wanna be unavailable for some time.

Here is a part of all features included in Talk To You Later:

【免費通訊App】Talk To You Later-APP點子

- Add any number of messages to select from

- Autoresponder with timer

【免費通訊App】Talk To You Later-APP點子

- Notification icon when Autoresponder is ON

- Autoresponder TXT reply message

【免費通訊App】Talk To You Later-APP點子

- Autoresponder posts on social networks

- Junk numbers

【免費通訊App】Talk To You Later-APP點子

- Import/Export your messages

- History (who received TXT from you and when)

【免費通訊App】Talk To You Later-APP點子

- Export T2YL history to CSV

- and more…

When ever you are not able to answer the call or you reject it, you’ll see a pop-up screen from where you are able to select one of your predefined messages to send to a caller.

Autoresponder will come handy when on a meeting and you don’t want to be disturbed. Set autoresponder and Talk To You Later will automatically stop incoming calls and send text messages to callers. Not only that – If you want to, autoresponder will also let people know you are not available by posting on Twitter and Facebook.

Junk numbers will help you when receiving calls by mistake or from marketing companies. Add number directly from address book or call log. Call will be automatically stopped and deleted from call logs. You can even set message to be sent to junk number when ever you receive call from it.


【免費通訊App】Talk To You Later-APP點子

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【免費通訊App】Talk To You Later-APP點子

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